Spring Conference 2024

29 March – 1 April
Lago Trasimeno – Umbria

“The Light of Awakening” is an invitation to brighten up your life from within. Join us as we create an atmosphere where joy meets spirituality, opening up the path for a deep and lasting transformation.
Prepare your heart for an experience of complete renewal where your body, mind and soul will be guided towards a positive change.
Every day will begin with a session of yoga and meditation for a more flexible body and calmer mind.
The singing of the mantra “Baba Nam Kevalam” (infinite love is all there is) will relieve you from your thoughts and prepare your mind for subtle inspiration.
Book your place now for a journey which nourishes the body, mind and soul.

During the retreat you will enjoy…

  • both group and individual meetings with Acaryas, Ananda Marga’s monks and nuns

  • collective meditation with singing of mantra

  • yoga lessons twice a day

  • workshops and new insights

  • walks by Lake Trasimeno

  • programs for children

  • sentient vegetarian food


Acaryas are missionary monks and nuns and expert yoga and meditation teachers who have dedicated their lives to the service of humanity for social and individual progress. Besides just having deep knowledge of the discipline of yoga and meditation, they have worked in Ananda Marga social service projects: schools, orphanages, medical clinics, rescue in instances of natural calamities, etc.
You will have the opportunity to interact with our monks and nuns who are experts in meditation and yoga for over 20 years, sharing your questions with them and deepening knowledge of spiritual practice. They will be present to guide you and offer you their support throughout the retreat.







Beautiful HARMONY


The program

The days will begin with a yoga and relaxation session, followed by collective meditation. Every day there will be two lessons/workshops with our Acarya (one in the morning and one in the afternoon). The themes of the meetings are:
– the body, this stranger. How to know it better
– inspiration, free will and the paradox of renunciation
– serve with love
– intellect and spirituality
In the evening, before dinner, there will be yoga and meditation. Finally we will say goodbye lulled by the sweet singing of the night mantra (Avarta Kiirtan) before saying goodnight.


Every day there will be asana lessons (yoga positions), held by expert teachers. You will enjoy wonderful stretching, controlled by the breath, designed specifically to relax the nervous system. Every lesson ends with a self-massage and long, pleasant relaxation.


We will also practice the singing of mantra (kiirtan) and meditation together. Kiirtan will help to dissipate your day-to-day worries and direct the mind towards more subtle thoughts. After kiirtan will follow silent meditation. Our monks and nuns (teachers and experts of yoga and meditation) will be present at the retreat and will respond to your questions for a more holistic lifestyle.


You will be served a delicious and nutritious menu, prepared with local, seasonal produce. A healthy, joyous and plentiful menu from a production chain which supports both health for people and the planet. We believe that food must give nourishment to all levels of our being: body, mind and the soul. We will also take care of all your specific dietary requirements. You will find a specific part in the registration form to inform us of your preferences.


Children are welcome to this program! During collective yoga and meditation, we organise special activities for children, where they can have fun together.

Where we are

The retreat will take place at “La Casa sul lago” which faces Lake Trasimeno, in the heart of Umbria. Take advantage of this privileged location to explore the treasures of Umbria. Visit ancient villages, historic sites and enjoy the stunning views which inspire the soul.

La Casa sul Lago
Viale del Lavoro 25,
Torricella di Magione – Lago Trasimeno
Umbria, Italia

What to bring

Comfortable clothes, items for personal hygiene, a bottle, sandals/slippers, Yoga mat, bedsheets and blankets or a sleeping bag. If you would like to rent sheets on site, the venue provides single bedsheets at a cost of €3.00 or double sheets for €5.00 (blankets included). This service must be booked in advance and indicated in the corresponding question box on the registration form.


The recommended donation for this retreat:

  • Adults € 220,00

  • Parents and couples € 200,00 a persona

  • Students € 200,00

  • Children aged 9-13 € 130,00

  • Children aged 3-8 € 90,00

20% discount for bookings before 15th February
10% discount for bookings before 10th March

The deadline for booking is 24th March 2024


Join us and sign up now!
Registering is very easy: use the link below and fill in the online form. With a few clicks, book your place for the retreat.
Booking deadline: 24th March 2024
We look forward to seeing you!

If you have other queries, write to:
or call/Whatsapp Karuna Devi +39 3391198878